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Winnipeg, MB, R2C 2Z2

Ph (204) 233-8619
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Celebrating 20 years
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Listed below is a sampling of our beverage assortment:
Assorted Soft Drinks
Energy Drinks
Sports Drinks
7 UP *
5 Alive (c)
Monster - Assorted
G2 - Assorted
Barqs Root Beer *
Dole Apple juice
Red Rave
Gatorade - Assorted
C Plus Orange (c)
Dole Orange Juice
Rockstar - Assorted
Powerade - Assorted
Caffenine Free D Coke (c)
Dole Strawberry Kiwi
Canada Dry Gingerale *
Minute Maid Apple (c)
Canada Dry Gr Tea (b)
Minute Maid Orange (c)
Coca Cola *
V 8 (c)
Coke Zero *
V 8 Splash
Crush - Cream Soda (b)
Crush - Grape *
Crush - Lime (b)
Crush - Orange *
Diet 7-UP (c)
Diet Coca Cola *
Diet Dr Pepper *
Diet Pepsi Cola *
Aquafina Plus - Assorted
Dr Pepper *
Lipton Fruit Punch (b)
Lipton Green Tea (b)
Lipton Iced Tea *
Lipton Lemonade *
Mug Root Beer *
Nestea Cool *
Pepsi Cola *
Pepsi Max *
Sprite *
Sprite Zero (c)
(b) Denotes available in plastic bottles - (c) Denotes available in cans
* Denotes available in both cans and 591ml plastic bottles