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6 - 252 Jean Marc Ave.
Winnipeg, MB, R2C 2Z2

Ph (204) 233-8619
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Celebrating 20 years

Premiere Vending is a locally owned and operated vending company. When we first began our business we believed in providing exceptional customer service by offering a more personal, hands on level of service. This is how we started our business over 20 years ago, and this is how we will continue to do business!

We can offer a complete vending service ranging from pop, snacks, and coffee, to deli, frozen food, and bill acceptance. We will provide well stocked, and well maintained vending machines. Coin and bill acceptance will always remain current as we continue to do all necessary upgrades, as they become available.

Exceptional service, reliable equipment, ever changing product variety, customer satisfaction, is how we continue to grow.